ÖGA2 is a non-profit organisation, with an executive board consisting of nine members, elected every two years by a general assembly. All officers are unpaid volunteers, chosen to provide a geographical balance as well as to cover the different fields of scientific research, teaching and public outreach. The responsibilities, areas of activity and the subgroups of the society are determined by the articles (in German) of ÖGA2.


ÖGA2 consists of full, supporting and honorary members. All natural persons, who are particularly interested in supporting astronomy and astrophysics as well as legal entities (e.g. organisations, institutes, companies) with the related interests, are entitled to become members.

The executive board decides on the admission of full and supporting members after a written recommendation by two full members. Specific forms can be downloaded from the ÖGA2 homepage [Application form]. The appointment as an honorary member (to honour outstanding achievements to Austrian astronomy) is accomplished by suggestion of the executive board and through recommendation by the general assembly.
The annual membership fee amounts to € 20 for full and to € 100 for supporting members. Donations to support ÖGA2 are highly appreciated.

Bank Account

Transfer of membership fees and donations to:
Account-No.: 52003 534 301, Bank Austria-Creditanstalt, bank code number 12000
IBAN: AT51 1200 0520 0353 4301
Please indicate payment purpose!