Scientific research, teaching, public outreach

The ÖGA2 represents the astronomers and astronomical institutions in Austria with the primary aim of promotion and propagation of astronomy and astrophysics in science, teaching and among the general public. Furthermore, ÖGA2 considers itself as the national contact point for society, politics, economy and the media and coordinates common interests of Austrian astronomers.

International Partners

The ÖGA2 is affiliated with the European Astronomical Society and partner of the Astronomische Gesellschaft within the German-speaking countries. Thus, the ÖGA2 represents Austrian astronomy also in the European context.

Platform for Astronomy and Astrophysics

All major scientific astronomical institutes as well as a large number of educational organisations are members of ÖGA2. More than a hundred individual members involved in astronomical (or related) research, representatives of national educational organisations as well as active amateur astronomers ensure a broad basis of ÖGA2 in Austria.