Working Groups

A number of working groups have been established by ÖGA2 (all links in German):

Austrian ESO comission

Permanent working group of ÖGA2. The Austrian ESO comission is the interface between ESO and the Austrian community and the first contact of the responsible Federal Ministry. The main responsibilities of this working group are: to forward ESO relatet information to the Austrian community, to defend the interests of the Austrian community against ESO, to inform the Austrian private economy about relevant informations about ESO and to report the progress concerning the in-kind contributions to ESO as long as Austria is required to delivere these contributions.

Public Outreach and Documentation

ÖGA2 acts as a national contact point for astronomical and astrophysical matters. It can arrange contacts between different institutions and astronomers and assist with non-regional initiatives.

Light Pollution

The increase of the night sky brightness due to manmade light pollution interferes with astronomical observations by professionals and amateurs. This problem having also cultural, economic and ecological aspects is treated by ÖGA2 in interdisciplinary collaboration.

A4e-Astronomy for Education

Pooling and coordination of astronomical and astrophysical topics for education.